Season , Episode 29
Episode Information
Premiere date: February 29, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Final Enemy Revealed"
Next Episode: "TBA"
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The Fated Battle  is the 29th episode of the 14th season of Everson House and is the series finale. This episode serves as 7th and final part of the Zombie Apocalypse transition event.


Series Finale; The fight with Temple Q is here. As the team tracks them down they find them in a safe haven that they created for there HQ. The team infiltrates there lair to confront them. As they approach there enemies Temple Q appears to have been expecting them but not for the reason they thought. The enemy leads them outside and attracts zombies to The Azeroth survivors thinking they are ready to become undead and submit to there will. When they quickly kill all the Zombies they tell them that they are there to put a stop to there plans. A large fight ensues with the heroes coming out on top. After the battle the heroes shoot all of the Temple Q survivors in there heads to kill them and prevent them from reanimating. They then leave to fulfill there second duties and return the current timeline to normal.

Quotes & Dialogue 

We're here to end you
—Jonald to Temple Q
Jonald: "Now on with our mission. Return our timeline back to normal"
Demrah: "But remember not you and Hermione"
Jonald: "sweetie"
— Demrah getting upset with her dad