"Price of Technology"
Season , Episode 2
Episode Information
Premiere date: Febuary 2, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Febuary Madness"
Next Episode: "Recoils and Videos"
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  • Amelia's Story 1: The Cons in Technology: Amelia is caught talking to strangers online and gets in trouble for it. As punishment Amelia has all her equipment taking out of her room. But she'll discover that stuff online dosen't always STAY online.
  • Jaime's Story 1: Pressures and Deals: When Jaime hands in her homework her teachers notice that her work isn't as good as usual they question it. She tells them that she's also been busy with babysitting. Her teachers tell her not to let it take priority over her education as it's much more important.
  • Ron's Story 3: Before I could save You: Another fractured dimension appears and the entry point is Brightsage Campus. Upon entering Ron runs into Janessa a young girl that Ron worked with at the Brightsage BGC. Realizing that in this dimension the BGC Fire never happened. Seeing Janessa, Ashary, Mattais, Saniya, Katie, Mai, and Alyssa broght back all those hurt feelings and pain because he was unable to save them.