Leandro Pederson
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Occupation: Henchmen for Tobi Cornette
Physical Description
Ethnicity: Caucasian-American
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Leandro Pederson is a henchman for Tobi Cornette and his right hand man.


Leandro is the right hand man for Tobi Cornette. He is his undercover agent this is seen when he poses as an evaluator for the teachers. He immediately dislikes Ron for his way of teaching by asking the students about how there weekend was. He is later seen talking to Tobi on the phone telling him he has a way to keep Jonald out of the way.


Leandro is described as lying, conniving, deceitful, manipulative, and down right evil. This is shown when he threatened to sacrifice a kindergartener if she ran in the hallway again. This attributed the darker and more psychopathic side of his character. 


Season 1

Enemies Made

Leandro is first seen in Jonald's workplace giving him an eval. When Jonald asks the students how there weekend was this sets Leandro off. Believing that teachers shouldn't care about the students weekend. Jonald then talks about racial inequality which upsets him more leading to him giving Jonald a D- for his eval grade.


Tobi Cornette

Boss   Leandro and Tobi are co-workers except Tobi is his boss. They have a strictly business relationship. However when it comes to being evil they both are equals in it. Leandro is Tobi's  right hand man.