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Iveanna Burnett
Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Occupation: Student
Physical Description
Ethnicity: African-American
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Iveanna Burnett is the goody two shoes daughter of Jimar Burnett


Iveanna is the daughter of Jimar Burnett she is the youngest of two children the oldest one being Da'wan Burnett. Her father exiled her for not being evil.


Iveanna is loving and caring about all living things. She can't stand the thought of anything or anyone being hurt. She will however hurt evildoers if it is necessary to protect the innocent. When it comes to people who share her beliefs and people who truely care about her she'll do whatever it takes to protect that person.

Powers and Abilities



Dequavious Burnett


Girls have too soft of hearts, you wanna be part of this family you need to be evil, and since you refuse to do so you're an exile to this family. You will sleep in the basement, you will not even say good morning to us, as far as I'm concerned you're just a thing that I have to keep here for 8 more years then you will leave.
—Iveanna's father exiling her

Dequavious is Iveanna's father. Iveanna and her father have a strained relationship due to her kind heart and him wanting boys due to girls having too soft of hearts. He forces her to sleep in the cold basement as he can not truly kick her out due to laws regarding such actions. He insults her every chance he gets, he has no problem saying how much he hates her. He refuses to feed her she has to cook for herself, she has to take her clothes to the laundromat as he refuses to use his soap, water, and washing machine to wash as he puts it "her exiled clothes". Iveanna is pretty much raising herself. 

Da'wan Burnett


File:Da'wan Burnett.jpg

My brother loves me even less then my father, why? Because he believes like my dad does that girls are too soft for evil families so he seconded my exile from the family
—Iveanna on her brothers hatred of her

Da'wan is her brother the two didn't get along to well. He shared the same belief as his dad that girls are too soft to be evil so along with his dad he exiled her from the family for being too soft. Da'wan often pushes his sister around because he believes that she's nothing because she 1) won't become evil and 2) because he doesn't like her and wishes she was a boy. Da'wan bullies his sister along with his father and always calls her useless.

Zeniqua Burnett



Zeniqua her sister whom she loves

My sister Zeniqua is in an even worse position then I am. Da'wan abuses her to the point of insanity all in an effort to make her evil.
—Iveanna on Zeniqua

Zeniqua is Iveanna's eight year old sister

Iveanna and Zeniqua are very close to each other. Iveanna supports her sister no matter what, she is the only family member that cares about her. The two often talk about there mother whom died a few months after her[Zeniqua] birth. They talk about how much better things where back then when everybody loved everybody. Both girls wish more then anything I the world to have that life back.


All of Elite Force

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The Elite Force are all of her friends because they believe in protecting those who can't protect themselves.