Season , Episode 26
Episode Information
Premiere date: Febuary 26, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Undead Kinzie"
Next Episode: "Love and Loss"
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It All Falls Apart is the 26th episode of the fourteenth season of Everson House. It's the fifth episode of the outbreak timeline septet.


The Azeroth campus survivors thing about there lives before all hell broke lose. One survivor talks about the paycheck he received for driving a big rig to Semia and back. That night Ron Weasley and Denique Everson go outside of the walls and end up ambushed by walkers. They manage to survive the first few encounters. However when they thought they where home free two walkers surprise attack them and they are bitten. Dazzline ends up having to shoot them in the head much to her dismay. Ron implements a new curfew rule to prevent this from reoccurring again.