"Febuary Madness"
Season , Episode 1
Episode Information
Character backstory:
  • TBA
Character Story:
  • Marian's Story: Chapter 1
  • Roxana's Story: Chapter 1
  • Topanga's Story: Chapter 1
  • Marian's Story: Chapter 2
Premiere date: Febuary 1, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "New Families"
Next Episode: "Price of Technology"
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  • Marian's Story 1: From Playing doctor to Court: 10 year old Marian Olsen is in serious hot water over a thing that children her age always do. Now she might be convicted of a serious crime. I mean come on don't people believe in the innocence of children anymore. She is arrested in front of her friends and classmates further emberessing her. To make it worse it's in the lunch room in front of half the school. When her parents get wind of this they scramble to find an atturnoy for the girl.
  • Roxana's Story 1: Poverty and Marriage: Roxana may seem like she has the perfect life but that's far from the truth. The truth is she and her family live in poverty. Because of this a person has come to her family with a propostion. To marty off the familes young daughters with Roxana being the middle the youngest being 8 and the oldest being 12. Afraid of what this would do to the girls but being offered 2.5 million figiri to go through with it. Not knowing what else to do they accept.
  • Topanga's Story 1: Messed up Courts: Ron hired Topanga to take on the Olsen vs Redow case. Marion is being charged with a serious crime because she played doctor with a neighbor boy. Now Topanga and Ron decide what's the best course of action to take. Ron and Topanga are outraged at whats happening to this child and deem it as unfair and unjust. But regardless they try to figure out what to do to correct this problem.
  • Marian's Story 2: The Price we Pay: Marian returns from her police department visit crying and saying "this isn't fair". Her parents are even more at a loss then she is, "How can this happen, why to our little girl" they say. All the while Ron gets angry at the Law Enforcement system.


How is this Justice?
—Ron questoning the Campus Law Enforcement
How can this happen, why to our little girl?
—Marian's parents at a loss
This isn't fair wahhhhh
—Marion exclaming how unfair this is