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Eureka Middle School
Eureka School
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Status: Active
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Owner: Pridor City School District
  • Various Teachers and Staff
  • Various Parents daily
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  Eureka Middle School  is the middle school that Kimberly Lebel and several others attend during the school year


Being one of the only two Middle Schools in Pridor various students ranging from ages 12-15 depending on there birthdays attend the school. There are various security guards on school grounds but that doesn't stop fights from breaking out and bullies. Riley attends this school with her friends Lucus, Farkle, and Zay. Before her death Maya also attended the school.


Seventh Grade

Seventh Graders are in there first year of middle school 

Eighth Grade

Eighth Graders are in there second and final year of middle school


Over the years the school had had its fair share of problems but since there's too many to list here are the most recent problems

2014/15 School Year

  • Fight broke out I hallway
  • Farkle was bullied for his style
  • Man entered with guns (no casualties)
  • Roof leaked into third floor art room
  • More to be listed later...

2015/16 School Year

  • Bad fight broke out beginning of year
  • Cop body slammed young girl
  • Riley had cyber bully 
  • Art program almost cut
  • More to be added...