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Level Rookie
Type Animal
Attribute Vaccine


Family Nature Spirits
Metal Empire
Virus Busters
Wind Guardians
Debut Anger & Sadness
Prior forms TBA
Next forms TBA
Partners Giovan Everson

Colomon is an Animal Digimon. It is an extremely precious Rookie Digimon that is a twin to Rubimon. While Colomon has only one horn growing from its head and has a calm but robust personality, Rubimon has three horns growing from its head and has the personality of a lonely crybaby. It is a Digimon shrouded in mystery, and it can be classified as a Beast-species Digimon from its body structure, but it's still not understood what kind of digivolved form it will take on. Also, it is rumored that it is sometimes born with its twin. It's a very cute type of Digimon, and from its calm behavior it doesn't seem like a "Combat Species", but when battling, it shows that it is more powerful than it appears.


  • Shocking Angel Clap: Colomon produces a large shockwave of electrical energy.
  • Starlight Surge: Breathes a large blast of twilight energy.

Unison Attacks

  • Double Typhoon: A mighty technique in which it performs its "Terrier Tornado" alongside Lopmon's "Tiny Twister".


  • Anger & Sadness: Colomon is introduced to Giovan and Giovan's digiphone activates.